Tractor Coloring Pages

Tractor coloring pages are a great way to teach children about tractors. They help kids learn the names of tractors, what they do and how they work.

Some tractor coloring pages are free and some cost money. Free tractor coloring pages can be found below for you to help teach your kids all about tractors while also being creative themselves.

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The Friendly Tractor Says Hello

tractor coloring pages 1

We all know what it’s like to be a farmer. You wake up in the morning, feed the animals, take care of the crops, and go to sleep at night.

But the best part is having your friendly tractor saying hello to you every morning.

The Farmer and The Tractor Go For A Ride

tractor coloring pages 2

This is a story about a farmer who has had to work hard all day. He’s done working and it’s time for him to go home. But his tractor is not there and he has no way of getting home. The farmer is very upset because he needs to get home and take care of his animals.

The farmer goes over to the next-door neighbor’s house and asks if he can borrow their tractor so that he can go home. The neighbor says “yes” but before the farmer leaves, the neighbor asks him if he wants something to eat first. The farmer says “no” because he really needs to get going, but when the neighbor offers him some more food, the farmer decides that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

The Big Truck Sings A Song

tractor coloring pages 3

The big truck was going down the road when it started to sing a song. It was singing so loud that it woke up all the people in the town. The truck went through all the town and then went back to sleep.

A Group Of Truck Friends Get To Work

tractor coloring pages 4

There was a group of truck friends that were all getting ready for their day. They all had their own stories and personalities, but they were all alike in one way – they loved what they did.

The Bear Drives A Tractor

tractor coloring pages 5

Once there was a bear who drives a tractor and now he doesn’t know what to do with it. He started to wonder if bears should be driving tractors anyway.

The Tractor Takes Animals For A Ride

tractor coloring pages 6

One day, the tractor took the animals to the farm. The farmer was very happy to see them. He said, “Thank you for taking care of my animals.”

The next day, the farmer told his son to take care of his animals because he had to go out of town for a few days. The son said, “I can’t do it by myself.”

The tractor said, “Don’t worry! I’ll help you take care of your animals.”

The son didn’t believe him and said, “I don’t think so.”

But the tractor took all the animals out on a ride and they had lots of fun. The son was very happy when he saw them again.

The Tractor Gets A Surprise

tractor coloring pages 7

Once upon a time, there was a tractor that was very happy with his life. He had a nice home and a family to love him. He had all the food he needed, the best friends to play with, and one day he even got to go on an adventure!

But one day, he woke up and realized that something was wrong. The tractor felt sad and lonely. And then it hit him – the tractor realized that he didn’t have any memories of his own! All of his memories were actually from other people’s stories!

The tractor thought about this for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out what to do about it. All of his friends were just as confused as he was when they heard about this problem.

But then they had a great idea, they would help the tractor create his memories.

A Tiny Tractor Enjoys The Sun

tractor coloring pages 8

The tiny tractor enjoys the sun. There are many other tractors in the field and they are all doing different things. Some are plowing the ground, some are planting seeds, some are harvesting vegetables, and others are taking care of animals. The tiny tractor thinks that he would like to do all these things too but he can’t because he is only one tiny tractor who only has wheels to use for his hands and feet. So instead of doing any of these tasks, the tiny tractor just enjoys the sun.

A Tractor Rolls In The Dirt

tractor coloring pages 9

There once was a tractor that is trying to make its way through the dirt. The tractor starts to get stuck in the mud and it takes a while for it to get out. The tractor eventually makes its way out of the mud and back on solid ground where it can move freely again.

A Big Tractor Delivers Hay

tractor coloring pages 10

A Big Tractor Delivers Hay is a story about a little girl who goes to visit her grandparents and learns about how tractors are used in the farming industry. The girl doesn’t know much about the farming industry but she knows that she loves to see tractors delivering hay.

A Tractor Rides Around The Farm

tractor coloring pages 11

One day a farmer got a new and improved tractor. But the farmer is tired of the tractor always taking over and doing everything for him.

The farmer wakes up to find that his tractor has already taken care of all of his chores. He walks outside and finds that the tractor is just sitting there, not doing anything. He gets mad at the tractor for not doing anything he was supposed to do himself, but then he realizes how much work it would have been to do all of those things by himself. He apologizes to the tractor and takes a ride around the farm.

A Happy Tractor Waves To You

tractor coloring pages 12

Tractor Tom is a friendly tractor who loves to wave to his friends. One day, he waves to all of the tractors he knows, but can’t find one that waves back. He meets a new tractor at the park and waves again – but this time, the new tractor blows smoke in his face. Tractor Tom is sad until he meets another new friend who greets him with a smile

A Tractor Waits To Do His Job

tractor coloring pages 13

A tractor waits to do his job. He waits for the farmer to come and say, “Tractor, it’s time for you to work.”

He doesn’t know what that means but he knows that when the farmer says it, he will start moving and make the earth ready for planting. He knows that when he is done, there will be food in his stomach and a feeling of satisfaction in his heart.

The Big Tractor Turns On His Motor

tractor coloring pages 14

Once upon a time, there was a big tractor that lived in the country. He liked to drive around in the fields and eat grass. One day he saw some children standing outside of a house. The children were playing with their toys on the lawn.

The big tractor drove over to them and asked, “What are you doing?”

The children looked up and said, “We’re playing!”

The big tractor was happy because he thought they were playing with him so he said, “I want to play too! Can I join you?”

“Sure,” said one of the children. 

The big tractor was happy to have friends to play with. So he turned on his motor and rode around the yard.

The Long Tractor Prepares To Work

tractor coloring pages 15

A long tractor is preparing to work. It is a very special tractor. It has been around for many years and has seen many things. The long tractor can do anything that a normal tractor can do but it also can do something else. There are many different things the long tractor does, but one of the most important thing it does is help other tractors when they need help because they cannot move by themselves.

The Big Truck Scoops Up Dirt

tractor coloring pages 16

One day the big truck was driving around town when it saw some kids playing in the dirt. The truck felt sorry for the kids because they could not play in the dirt like they wanted to, so it scooped them up and took them to their house. The kids were very happy and said thank you to the truck driver. 

A Tractor Rolls In the Dirt

tractor coloring pages 17

The tractor rolled in the dirt.

It was a big, brown tractor with a long, metal blade and a metal frame. The blade was used to pull up the dirt and push it out of the way so that the wheels could get traction on the ground.

The Tractor Blows Steam

tractor coloring pages 18

The tractor was making its way slowly through the fields of wheat. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Suddenly, the tractor blew steam from its radiator. The driver turned off the engine and walked to the front of the machine to examine what had happened. He opened up the radiator cap and saw that it was completely clogged with dirt from the road.

He used a hose to wash out all of the dirt, then he closed up everything again and started up his machine once more. It ran smoothly for about two hours before blowing more steam from its radiator again. This time there was no dirt in sight, so he knew this wasn’t just clogged dirt – there must be something else wrong with his tractor!

The driver asked the tractor what was wrong, and the tractor replied. “I’m just blowing off some steam.”

A Little Boy Drives A Tractor

tractor coloring pages 19

Once a little boy was driving the tractor on his family farm. The tractor had a big green seat and it was very easy to steer. The little boy was so excited, that he couldn’t stop steering the tractor in circles.

The Tractor Rests In The Grass

tractor coloring pages 20

A farmer, John, was driving his tractor across a field. The tractor rested in the grass.

The farmer had to get back to work, so he left the tractor for a bit and went about his business. He came back later to find that the tractor had been relaxing in the grass right where he left it.

A Couple Of Trucks Take A Break

tractor coloring pages 21

I was walking around my neighborhood and I saw two trucks parked on the side of the road. I approached one of them and saw that it had an open door. I peered inside and saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat with his head down. He seemed to be sleeping or resting.

I walked over to the other truck and saw a man standing next to it, looking at me with a puzzled face. He introduced himself as Tom, one of the drivers for this truck company. He said that he had stopped his truck because he needed to take a break from driving, which is why he opened up the door on his vehicle so he could get some fresh air while he waited for his partner to arrive so they could switch off driving duties again.

It was a good walk and was nice to see a couple of trucks taking a break.

A Turkey Drives A Tractor

tractor coloring pages 22

One day, the farmer was out in the field when he saw a group of turkeys. He noticed that one of them was driving a tractor. The farmer asked, “Who are you?” The turkey looked up at him and said, “I’m the turkey who can drive a tractor!”

The farmer laughed and said, “You don’t look like you can drive a tractor, what if you get hurt?” The turkey replied, “I know I don’t look like it but I can do it!”

The farmer didn’t believe him so he challenged him to prove it. So the turkey got in the driver’s seat and drove the tractor around for a while before coming back to where they were standing

The turkey was so proud to have proven themself to the farmer. I guess turkeys really can drive tractors.

The Big Tractor Prepares To Collect Hay

tractor coloring pages 23

One day, a tractor was just sitting in the barn and not doing anything. One day, the farmer came to the tractor and told it that he needed it to help him collect hay.

The next day when they went out in the field, they were both surprised by how much work they had done together. The farmer and the tractor became good friends because they work so well together.

The Truck Prepares The Dirt For Crops

tractor coloring pages 24

One day, a truck driver was driving down a dirt road. He was going to go to a farm and deliver some seeds. He drove past many different fields and farms on his way there. Suddenly, he saw a farmer who had just finished planting some seeds in his field. The driver stopped, got out of his truck, and asked the farmer, “What are you planting?”

The Farmer Replied “Potatoes.”

The truck driver got back into his truck and continued on the dirt road until he reached the farm. When he arrived at the farm, he delivered the seeds to an employee who helped him unload them from the back of his truck. Afterward, he drove back down that dirt road on his way home.

A Lonely Tractor Wants A Friend

tractor coloring pages 25

A lonely tractor wants a friend. He looks around his field and sees the other tractors all working away. The tractor tries to tell them about his feelings, but they just ignore him.

The tractor’s sadness grows into anger and he starts to feel resentful toward the other tractors. One day, a new tractor arrives in the field and the lonely tractor is so happy that he forgets his anger. The two tractors become friends and work together every day.

A Happy Bunny Rides In A Tractor

tractor coloring pages 26

There once was a bunny who liked to ride in a tractor. The tractor is green and yellow, with wheels that are big. It has seats for two people, one in the front and one in the back. The bunny normally rides in the tractor alone but he has room for a friend too. Will you join the bunny in his tractor?

The Tractor Tugs Along

tractor coloring pages 27

It was a beautiful summer day and the children were playing outside all day. They had been running around, climbing trees, and exploring the backyard. They were both very tired and decided that it was time to go home for dinner.

The youngest child knew his way home by heart, so they followed him down the street. It was getting dark but they didn’t have to worry because they had their flashlights with them. That’s when the kids saw the coolest thing they’ve seen all day. A big tractor tugging along. They would never forget that moment.

A Man Steers The Tractor

tractor coloring pages 28

The farmer’s wife tells him to steer the tractor, but he doesn’t know how. He’s never steered one before and she can’t teach him because she’s driving.

The farmer starts to worry that he won’t be able to do it, but then he remembers that he can always call for help.

He calls his son and asks him if he knows how to steer a tractor. His son says yes and comes over right away and takes over for the man so that the man can focus on driving instead.

Printable PDF Tractor Coloring Book

Have you ever driven a tractor before? It’s okay if you haven’t. Until then you use your imagination and creativity with our tractor coloring pages. And if you’d like you can share your works of tractor art here too.

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