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Coloring pages can be a fun way to teach children about trains. It can also help adults who are interested in trains as well. Coloring pages are also a great way to take your mind off of things and relax. With coloring books, there’s no limit to what you can do with them!

There are many benefits that come with coloring books, but the most important one is that it helps children learn about colors and how they work together. Coloring is a great way to teach kids how to focus on something and be patient while they do it. It’s also an excellent exercise for the brain!

When you’re busy and need a break, use this coloring page to teach your kids all about trains.

The train is one of the most popular modes of transportation in the world. There are many types of trains that people can enjoy, from steam locomotives to high-speed bullet trains.

Children love to color and learn more about the world around them through their drawings. This coloring page is a great way to show your children what a train looks like, what it does, and how they can play with it! You can even get to see trains come alive. Some trains enjoy good jokes while others love to chug along through nature and enjoy the beautiful views. Some trains are young and small, and others big and old. What kind of trains will you color?

The Train Is Right On Time

train coloring pages 1

The train is always on time. It’s the only thing that it does well.

The people who work on the railroad are not always pleased with this, but they have to admit that the train is never late. It’s always right on time.

It would be fair to say that the train is a little too punctual. It arrives at its destination at precisely 5:00 AM every morning, whether there are any passengers or not. The engineers who drive it have been known to grumble about this, but they don’t mind it too much either way because they know that if they ever need to get somewhere fast, all they have to do is hop on board and hitch a ride with the train.

The Chicka-Choo Train

train coloring pages 2

The Chicka-Choo Train is driven by a chicken conductor. The train is made of chocolate, marshmallows, and eggs. The conductor is a chicken who uses her beak to conduct the train.

Once upon a time, the chicken conductor was told by his mother that he could have anything he wanted for Easter if he could find it in the backyard. He found an egg nestled among the leaves and started to collect all of the eggs in his basket until he found one that was slightly different from the rest. It had a little crack on it and when he picked it up, out popped a tiny little chicka-choo train!

That’s how the chick-choo train was born.

The Santa Clause Train

train coloring pages 3

The Santa Clause Train is a story about a Santa clause train. It is set in the future where Santa delivers presents to kids all across the world.

One time there were two children who receive gifts from Santa on Christmas Eve and are excited to open them up. But when they get home, they find out that their parents have already opened them and taken the presents away. They go back to see Santa, who tells them that he can’t help them unless they can stop their parents from taking away their gifts. So, they go back home and try to stop their parents from taking away the gifts and they succeed.

A Chugging Train

train coloring pages 4

The whistle blows and the people who are waiting at the station know it’s coming. It’s coming for them and they know it won’t stop for anyone else. The train can’t stop, not even for a moment, or it will be too late to deliver its goods on time.

The people on the platform don’t have time to do anything but watch as the train passes them by, and they can feel its power with each passing second as it moves closer and closer to their destination.

The Train Delivers Coal

train coloring pages 5

Look at how cool this train is. The train has been in service for over 100 years and is the only one that can deliver coal to the city. It’s made of steel, but it still has an old-fashioned look with its old-fashioned steam engine and even older-fashioned way of transporting coal without any pollution or noise. Everyone loves the coal train.

A Speedy Train

train coloring pages 6

The train was going so fast that the passengers were all sitting on the floor. The conductor, who had to get up on his feet to see where they were, was standing in front of the door at the end of the car, looking out. The passengers all sat on the floor of the car so they could watch the conductor, who was standing in front of the door at the end of the car.

A Happy Train Chugs Along

train coloring pages 7

The train was very happy and chugged along the tracks happily. It had lots of people on it and they were also very happy. The conductor was also very happy because he knew that he would soon be able to go home and show off his very happy train.

An Express Train to Happyville

train coloring pages 8

The express train to Happyville was so fast that it made the time fly by. The people who got on the train had no idea what they were in for. They were in for a wild ride. But it was a very happy one too. Everyone loved riding on the express train to Happyville.

A Train Passes By The Sun

train coloring pages 9

Once there was a train that is feeling joyous and content as it passes by the sun.

The sun was shining brightly, and the sky was so blue. The train had been rolling along for a while now, and I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It was so nice to be out in nature like this,  the train thought to itself.

The Old Train

train coloring pages 10

Once there was a very old train that was abandoned on the side of the railroad tracks.

The old train had been sitting there for as long as anyone could remember. It was rusty and had seen better days, but it still ran beautifully. It was a beautiful sight to see, and people would stop by just to watch it go by.

One day, someone noticed that the tracks were getting worn down and they couldn’t be fixed in time for the next freight train to come through. The railroad company sent some workers out to remove all of the old train’s valuable cargo so that they could save the tracks from being destroyed any further. They loaded up everything from coal to chocolate bars into trucks and took it away before they fixed the tracks for the old train.

A Train Coming To Town

train coloring pages 11

The story is about a train that’s coming to town. The train is on its way to the city and it’s going to be a lot of fun. The train comes along the tracks, slowing down as it nears a station in a small town. The station is bustling with people getting on and off. The train stops and the conductor calls out, “Who is ready for a ride on the train”?

A Baby Trains Goes On An Adventure

train coloring pages 12

A baby train goes on an adventure when it is left at home to play by its parents. It meets a variety of new friends and learns many things along the way. What kind of friends does the baby train meet on their adventure?

A Train Takes Kids For A Ride

train coloring pages 13

In the morning a very cool train took a group of children for a ride.

The children were on their way to summer camp when the train suddenly started moving. The train had a long and fun route for the children before he would drop them off at the summer camp. They would go through the hills, through the mountains, and even over a big wooden bridge.

A Fun Train Ride

train coloring pages 14

A train is a very fun and important mode of transportation. It’s the most efficient way to travel long distances and carry goods. But what if trains could go on a fun ride? Surprise they can.

Imagine a train that can go on a fun ride and take you anywhere in the world. There’s no need to worry about traffic jams or parking problems, just hop on board and enjoy the ride!

The Chugging Choo Choo Train

train coloring pages 15

The story begins with a little girl named Emily who is on her way to school on the chugging choo choo train. She loves the train ride, but when it’s time to get off, she can’t find the door. The train just chugs and chugs along. Emily lets the train know that she’s missed her stop. The chugging choo choo train apologies and tells Emily he will take her back to her stop. 

A Funny Train Laughs At A Joke

train coloring pages 16

Once there was a train that was riding along the tracks, inside the train one of the passengers was a comedian. To pass the time, the comedian started telling jokes. The jokes were so funny, even the train laughed. In fact, the jokes were so funny the train couldn’t stop laughing until it got to its destination. 

The Train Rides Through The Trees

train coloring pages 17

Once upon a time, there was a train that rode through the trees. It was called the “Train of Dreams” and it carried people to their destinations. One day, however, it stopped at a station in the woods. The station was surrounded by trees and nobody knew where they were or how they got there. The train told the passengers it just wanted to see the scenery, when the passengers looked out the window, they saw what the train saw and realized that stopping and enjoying the scenery was a perfect idea.

The Train Takes A Scenic Route

train coloring pages 18

If you’re traveling around the world, you may have experienced a scenic route. There’s a special train that takes you on a journey through the countryside and by small towns and villages. It’s full of beautiful scenery, interesting characters, and funny situations.

The Train With A Lot of Parts

train coloring pages 19

One day, a train with a lot of parts to it passed by.

It had all kinds of parts like this and this and these.

It had these and these, too.

It even had some that were not a part of the train at all!

The train went by so fast that it was hard to tell what it was made up of.

But when it passed by, many children ran after it, eager to figure out what the train was made up of.

A Little Bright Train

train coloring pages 20

Once upon a time, there was a girl waiting for her train to take her to school. She is waiting on the platform when she sees a bright train coming. When it comes closer, she finds out that it’s actually a toy train. The little girl is happy and excited because she gets to play with her new toy.

A Small Train Goes Riding

train coloring pages 21

This is a story about a small train that went riding. It was not very big, but it was full of life and joy. It had no special features, but it did have one thing in particular – its heart.

The Animal-Friendly Train

train coloring pages 22

One day, the train conductor found a lost dog on the tracks. The conductor was kind enough to take care of the dog and bring it home to his family. The next day, he found another lost animal on the tracks. He took care of that one too and brought it home as well. A few days later he found yet another lost animal on the tracks. This time he decided not to take care of it but instead let it go free because he knew where its home was now – at his house!

The conductor had so many animals now he decided to make a new train just for all his animals so they can go wherever he goes.

A Train Chugs In Circles

train coloring pages 23

Once upon a time, there was a train that went in circles. It never knew why it went in circles and it truly didn’t mind. The train was happy about its circle route. For the train, if he missed a certain part of his route, he knew that he would soon be seeing it again. 

A Small Train Goes On A Big Adventure

train coloring pages 24

The train is sad because he doesn’t want to go on any trips, but over time he changes his mind and goes on many adventures. Why is the train afraid to go on a big adventure? The truth is the train is small and he’s afraid to go on a big adventure all alone. But what he didn’t realize was that he would never be alone He would have all his passengers with him no matter where he went.

Printable PDF Train Coloring Book

The CHOO CHOO trains may be arriving at the station but the train ride doesn’t have to end here. You can continue the different stories of all these trains through your own drawings and creative coloring. Tell us all about your colorful stories by sharing them below. 

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