Truck Coloring Pages

Coloring books have been around for a long time. But now, kids who enjoy coloring have an easier time finding new and exciting things to color thanks to the truck coloring pages.

Truck coloring pages are a popular activity for children. They often have a picture of a truck on the front and colorful pictures inside.

Truck coloring pages are an activity that helps children learn colors and shapes at an early age. They also provide them with creative outlets to express themselves through art. They can use them as a way of learning about different trucks or just for fun.

Coloring books are here to stay, but truck coloring pages can help with all sorts of things such as helping kids develop their motor skills, build motor memory, increase focus, boost creativity and improve eye-hand coordination this is because some coloring pages come with learning experiences as well.

The best part is, that adults can get in on the fun too. In the past, children’s activity books were mainly meant for kids. But now, adults are also getting in on the fun of coloring and drawing with their kids.

These coloring pages are perfect for people who like to relax and have a good time with their loved ones. They can be fun for adults as well as children and can be enjoyed by both groups of people.

The Easter Bunny Drives A Truck

truck coloring pages 1

There once was an easter bunny who drove a truck. One day, he was walking down the road and saw an abandoned truck parked by the side of the road. He hopped in and drove it to his house. It was so much fun that he did it again, and again, and again!

The Easter bunny drives a truck when he can and especially when it’s easter so he can deliver treats to kids.

Trucker Friends Have A Chat

truck coloring pages 2

One day a trucker and his friend have a chat while they are on their way to work. The big trucker decided to tell his new friend all about himself:

Hello, my name is Paul. I am a truck driver, and I have been driving for the past six years now. I love driving my big rig around the country and seeing all of the beautiful places that America has to offer. It is not always easy, but it is also very rewarding.

I usually drive alone when I am on the road, but this morning was different. My friend asked me if he could ride shotgun with me while we drove to our destination together this morning because he had never driven before and wanted to learn more about it from someone who knew what they were doing.

We chatted about everything from what we like best about driving to where we like to go.

A Firefighter Truck Saves The Day

truck coloring pages 3

A firefighter truck pulled up to a burning house and quickly extinguished the fire. The homeowner was grateful and offered some food to the firefighter truck before they left. The firefighter truck wasn’t hungry but instead happy that it saved the day. 

The Tractor Trucks Zooms Along

truck coloring pages 4

There were two trucks that are on the same journey, but they get separated. One of them has to find his way back home while the other one has to find his way back to where he came from. Luckily the tractor truck remembers his way home, so he zooms along to help his friend find the way back home. 

A Construction Truck Digs For Dirt

truck coloring pages 5

A construction truck was driving over the land when it hit something hard. It was an old, rusty, and abandoned car. The driver of the truck got out to investigate the car when he realized that it was stuck in the dirt. The construction truck knew just what he has to do. He got to work immediately and started digging up the dirt all around the car until he was able to move the abandoned car. 

Construction Trucks Get Ready For Work

truck coloring pages 6

The two friends, who have been working together for the past year, are excited to start their day of hard work. They are both on time and ready to go. They have their important tools in hand and they are ready to get started on the job site.

One of the trucks is an older model while the other is a newer one. The older truck has a lot of memories that it has created with its driver over the past years – memories that will never be forgotten. The newer truck is more powerful and faster than its older counterpart but it doesn’t have any memories yet because it was just bought yesterday by its driver’s company.

A Big Blocky Truck Drives Down The Street

truck coloring pages 7

There was a big, blocky truck driving down the street. It had black tires and a green hood. The truck was carrying a lot of things with it.

The Crane Truck Is Ready For Work

truck coloring pages 8

The crane truck is ready for work. It has a big yellow cab with the words “Crane Truck” written on it and a small red logo. The truck is waiting for its driver to come.

A crane truck is a vehicle that is used in construction to lift heavy objects, such as concrete slabs, into place. Will you help the crane truck get to work?

The Tow Trucks Takes A Car

truck coloring pages 9

The tow truck takes a car.

It was one of those days when the traffic was unusually heavy. The traffic jam seemed to be just getting worse and worse, and I was stuck in it for hours. Finally, I had had enough and decided that I would try to get around the traffic jam by driving on the sidewalk.

I tried turning left onto a side street but ended up getting stuck in another long line of cars waiting to turn left onto that side street. It wasn’t long before I saw some movement out of my window: A tow truck pulling up next to me, with its lights flashing and its siren wailing. The tow truck was going to take a car.

Car Friends Talk About Work

truck coloring pages 10

This is a story about how one car friend and a work friend met. The two friends decide to go on a date and both have interesting stories to share.

One day, the car friend was driving around when he saw the work friend in the distance. The car friend pulled over and asked if he could help his work buddy find his way home. They went on their date that night and have been good friends ever since! What other do the car friends have to share?

The Food Truck Is Ready To Serve

truck coloring pages 11

A food truck is a mobile restaurant that can be found in many cities across the United States. It’s a good business opportunity for those who want to start their own business but don’t have the capital to open an actual restaurant.

What kind of food does this food truck serve?

The Tractor Truck Takes Away The Hay

truck coloring pages 12

A farmer has a tractor truck that takes away the hay from the barn and brings it to his field.

The tractor truck took away the hay from the barn and brought it to his field. The farmer was very happy about this as he didn’t have to work hard.

Now the farmer has a lot more time to spend with his family and play.

A Big Monster Truck Rides Into Town

truck coloring pages 13

A Big Monster Truck used to live in the countryside with his family, but he was ready for the big city now. He packed all his bags and took an exciting trip into town. But when the big monster truck got into town he realized how much he missed his family. So the big monster truck packed his bags again and headed back home.

Semi Trucks Prepare For Work

truck coloring pages 14

Semi-trucks are a type of truck that is capable of towing a trailer or semi-trailers. They are used as commercial vehicles for transporting goods, and sometimes for personal use.

Semi-trucks prepare for work by making sure they have enough fuel and maintenance done before heading out on the road. All the semi trucks into town, gather round and prepare for a hard day of work. Can you see them?

Big Monster Truck Goes To A Race

truck coloring pages 15

Once there was a Big Monster Truck that goes to a race. The Big Monster Truck went to the race and to everyone’s surprise it was the biggest, baddest, most powerful truck in town.

It was so big, that it could crush anything in its path but the driver was not too happy with his truck, he wanted to be bigger and badder. 

Can you help the big monster truck be bigger and badder?

The Lonely Semi Truck

truck coloring pages 16

There once was a semi-truck driver driving along the highway when he realizes that he’s been driving for what seems like hours and still hasn’t found his destination.

The semi-truck driver has been driving for hours without finding where he is going. He knows that it can’t be far because the sun is still up in the sky and it’s not even noon yet. He comes across a small town and stops at a gas station to ask for directions from one of the locals. They tell him that they are not too sure but they think it might be somewhere nearby. The driver thanks them and drives off again trying to find his destination.

He drives for another hour or so when he finally sees a sign that says “Welcome to Home” with an arrow pointing in the direction of his destination.

The Gas Truck Delivery

truck coloring pages 17

A gas truck was making its rounds to deliver gas to the homes of the residents in the town. It was driving down the street when it suddenly stopped in front of a house and started to emit an awful smell of gasoline. The driver got out and inspected it, but found nothing wrong with it. He then went back into his truck and drove off.

The next day, the residents noticed that their power had gone out, so they called up the gas company to find out what happened. They told them that a gas truck was just passing by town and that everything was fine.

The Long Truck Delivers Food

truck coloring pages 18

The Long Truck is a truck that delivers food to stores. The owner of the truck is named Jim and he started his business with just one long truck. Here knew that many people in nearby towns needed food. So he packed a lot of food on his truck and sent it off to deliver food to the people in all the nearby towns.

They were happy that Jim was kind, and they enjoyed the delicious food.

Friendly Truck Driver Waves

truck coloring pages 19

There once was a friendly truck driver who always waved at the person in front of him.

The man driving the truck waved back and smiled. The friendly truck driver did not know what to expect when he drove up to the car in front of him, but it was nice to see a familiar face that would always wave.

A Delivery Truck Dumps Dirt

truck coloring pages 20

Dump trucks have a lot of different jobs, but this one was a delivery truck that dumped dirt on a road in order to make it easier for the construction crew to build their house.

The construction crew was very happy that the dump truck delivered dirt to when they found out about this and had no choice but get a gift for the dump truck for being so kind and helpful.

The Construction Trucks Moves Sand

truck coloring pages 21

One day at work, a construction worker is moving sand. In the beginning, he has to carry the sand in his truck. After he gets tired from carrying it, he uses a construction truck movement system to move sand for him.

The construction truck is very good at moving sand and can do it all day long.

The Worker Truck Travels To Its Destination

truck coloring pages 22

The worker truck is a new invention in the automotive industry. It is a self-driving car that can travel to its destination without the need for human intervention. The truck is always on time and always arrives to the destination that it needs to. Where will the worker truck go next?

The Large Trucks Does Its Job

truck coloring pages 23

A truck driver was driving on the road. He was not doing anything special. He was just driving and listening to the radio in his truck. Suddenly, a large truck caught up with him and overtook him. The truck did not stop when it passed him either. The driver looked at the truck and noticed the large truck shouting at him. “Sorry about that, I’m just doing my job”.

A Funny Tractor Tells A Joke

truck coloring pages 24

A farmer was driving his tractor when he saw a man in the distance. He called out to him and asked, “Hey, do you have any water?” The man replied, “No, I don’t have any water.” The farmer then said, “I’ll give you some of my water if you come over here and help me with this.” The man said, “I can’t come over there because I don’t have any water.” So the farmer said to him, “Well I’ll give you some of my water if you’ll come over here and help me with this.” The man replied, “I can’t come over there because I don’t have any water.” So the farmer said to him again in frustration, “Well I’ll give you some of my water.” The man paused and laugh. “Oh, I thought you were telling a joke.”

A Roller Truck Makes The Ground Flat

truck coloring pages 25

The big roller truck makes the ground flat so that the construction crew is able to build on it. He loves his job and loves working with the construction crew so they can build really big and tall buildings for people to live in and work in.

A Hotdog Trucks Opens For Lunch

truck coloring pages 26

A hotdog truck opened for lunch in the middle of a busy street. This was the first time that such a thing had happened, and people were intrigued.

“The first time this has happened,” said one woman who was walking by, “I’ll have to try it.” The woman bought a hotdog from the hotdog truck and it was so delicious that she decided she would come back tomorrow for even more hotdogs.

The Smoking Truck Rolls The Dirt Around

truck coloring pages 27

A few years ago, I was driving through a small town in the middle of nowhere when I saw something that made me stop my truck. A big, truck was rolling the dirt all around the field.

I pulled into the parking lot next to it and got out to see what was going on. 

“What are you doing?” I asked him as he began to roll the dirt all around the lot. He told me he was simply rolling the dirt around, and offered me a try. I was excited to try so I started rolling the dirt around too. It was a lot of fun.

A Very Long Crane Trucks Helps

truck coloring pages 28

There once was a very long crane truck that helped out a family of three. 

The little boy of the family can’t read or write but he will always remember when the very long crane truck helped his family out. Now that the boy is older he wants to return the favor and help out the very long crane truck too.

The Round Gas Truck Takes A Trip

truck coloring pages 29

A round gas truck took a trip. One day, it was just driving along, when all of a sudden, it fell off the road and into the ditch. It was stuck there for hours until someone finally found it and pulled it out.

The Circle Truck Prepares Cement

truck coloring pages 30

Circle trucks are capable of delivering concrete to any location in the city and they are capable of carrying up to 50 tons of material at one time. This truck is ready to deliver a lot of cement to a destination, but where will it go?

A Cold Truck Delivers Popsicles

truck coloring pages 31

I was on my way to work when I saw a truck with an ice cream truck logo parked by the side of the road. I pulled up to it and got out of my car. There were kids running around and a woman standing near the truck, which had its doors open.

I walked up to her and asked if she needed any help. She said that they were out of popsicles, but that she would give me one for free if I helped her clean up.

The woman then handed me a bucket and we went inside where we found more buckets filled with ice cream bars, lollipops, and other assorted sweets. The woman told me that she had bought them from a nearby store because they didn’t have enough for their customers.

Once we were done cleaning, the woman kept her promise and she gave me a popsicle.

The Helpful Truck Delivers A Car Back Home

truck coloring pages 32

One time a group of friends went on a roadtrip to the city, but along the way their car stopped working. They felt really sad and thought they were stranded in the middle of nowhere. But luckily a helpful truck passed by at just the right moment. He stopped for the friends and asked them if they needed help. 

They nodded and the helpful truck helped deliver their car back home.

A Steady Truck Helps The Building Crew

truck coloring pages 33

One summer day a truck driver who was driving his truck in the city of New York. He was very tired after working all day and wanted to take a break. Suddenly, he saw a building crew with an out-of-order sign on the construction site. He drove up to them and offered his assistance.

He explained that he had experience as a crane operator, which would come in handy for lifting heavy objects at the construction site. The crew members were impressed with him and let him help them out by driving the truck up to the construction site and helping them move some equipment around.

A Scooping Truck Helps Move Things

truck coloring pages 34

A scooping truck is the kind of vehicle that is used to transport materials from one place to another. It’s powered by a motor and it has a wide bucket on the front that can be filled with anything from sand to gravel. It can also have a conveyer belt system on the back, which moves materials through the truck.

One day at a construction site some rocks needed to be moved, no one was sure who could help but the scooping truck knew this was the perfect job for her, she came in confidently and helped move the rocks.

A Truck Comes To Help His Friends

truck coloring pages 35

A truck came to help his friends, and they were very happy to see him, after helping all the friends went out for dinner and had a great time. 

A Big Whirling Truck Shows Off Its Skills

truck coloring pages 36

A big whirling truck shows off its skills. But what kind of skills did he have? He could drive near and far, slow or fast. He could lift really big things, and sit them down too. The big whittling truck was really loud, he could be heard from all over the neighborhood. 

Four Big Trucks Come To Save The Day

truck coloring pages 37

The story starts with a little girl who is having a hard time carrying her groceries back home. She sees that there are four big trucks coming down the street and she thinks they might be able to help her out. And they do, all of the big trucks swoop in and help the little girl carry her groceries home. Small groceries are nothing for these big trucks. 

The next day, when she’s walking back home from school, she sees that those same trucks are still there. She was hoping they would come again so they could help her carry her groceries home. The big trucks notice the little girl and they come to help her again. The girl was always happy to see the big trucks because she knew they would always help her out.

The Trash Truck Helps Clean The Town

truck coloring pages 38

A trash truck parks in front of a house. The door opens and out steps a man carrying a bag of garbage. He walks up to the truck and dumps his garbage in the back. The door closes behind him and he walks away with an empty bag. It was only one house, but the trash truck is very happy with the work he does. One house turns into many more and the trash trucks helps clean up the whole town.

A Big Truck Goes On An Adventure

truck coloring pages 39

There was a big truck that went on an adventure. It was going to be a long journey, so the truck made sure it had plenty of food and water.

The truck got stuck in the mud, but it didn’t stop there. It kept going until it found a place where it could get out of the mud and continue on its journey. Once it was out of the mud the big truck had a lot of fun on his adventure and would always go on adventures whenever he had the time.

A Very Big Semi Truck Comes To Town

truck coloring pages 40

A very big semi-truck comes to town and it has a really hard time finding a place to park.

All the very big semi truck wants to do is find a place to stop and get some rest. It takes so long to find a place to park the the big semi truck becomes frustrated with how long it takes for them to find a spot. After spending a lot of time looking for a spot, the big semi truck eventually finds one. He sighs a big sigh and finally gets some rest, tomorrow is a big day and rest is important. Even for big semi trucks.

A Truck Makes A Loud Sound

truck coloring pages 41

A very loud truck is traveling where he can, in fact he has been driving for hours and is tired and hungry. He stops at a gas station to fill up his tank, but he can’t find any food.

He finally finds some stale bread in the back of his truck, which he eats with water from the gas station’s fountain. The bread was so dry that it made him cough a little. But he kept eating until there was nothing left but crumbs on the ground.

When the truck looks a way, everyone is looking at him. The truck looks at the people and asks what’s wrong. They reply and say he made a loud sound. The truck is confused. His cough is a little sound to him, but to people it’s very loud. He apologizes and moves along.

The Long Truck Drives Slowly

truck coloring pages 42

Most trucks like to drive very fast, but not this truck, he learned over the years that driving slowly is the best way to drive. He knows that when you drive slow you get to see all there is to see, and there’s a lot to see when you’re a slow driving truck. 

The Big Monster Truck Looks For A Friend

truck coloring pages 43

The Big Monster Truck is lonely and has a lot of problems. He wants to find a friend, but he doesn’t know what kind of friend he should be looking for. The big monster truck tried to find a friend that will help him out with all of his problems. He explains what he likes in a good friend and then sets out on an adventure to find someone that would be the perfect match for him.

The big monster truck travels all around the world looking for a good friend to call his own, he travels and travels and you won’t believe where he found a friend… In outer space. The monster truck is friends with a big green alien.

A Recycle Truck Helps Keep The World Green

truck coloring pages 44

Did you know that recycling trucks help keep the world green. The trucks collect trash and recyclables from homes and businesses, then delivers them to a recycling plant.

The recycling truck loves her job because she’s doing her part in making sure the planet stays healthy and lives for a long time. How can you help the recycle truck do her job?

The Ice Cream Trucks Plays A Song

truck coloring pages 45

On a hot summer day, a group of ice cream trucks play a song for all the neighborhood children.

What does that mean? When all the neighborhood children hear the song from the ice cream truck they run outside to get ice cream. When it’s a hot summer day, everyone loves ice cream, even adults.

The Lion Who Drives A Monster Truck

truck coloring pages 46

No one believes that lions can drive monster trucks but it’s true they can. Some lions are really good at driving monster trucks, and some are really bad, but all lions love driving monster trucks. One lion in particular loves to drive monster trucks really fast, he’s one of the fastest monster truck driving lions in the world. No one can beat him in a race.

Printable PDF Truck Coloring Book

Trucks do a lot of things, they drive from here to there, the move things, they deliver things to your house, some trucks are even full of delicious ice cream. What kind of trucks will you color and what stories will you tell? If you enjoyed these truck adventures don’t forget to share your creative coloring below. 

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